Complete Survey

Boat Condition Survey

A complete stem-to-stern assessment of a vessel and her onboard systems.  Sometimes called a pre-purchase survey, it is designed to give buyers confidence in and understanding of their chosen boat, and to assist with refit planning, repair costing and purchase price negotiation.

Accompanied Viewings

Boat Selection

Jointly visit boats for sale prior to making an offer.  Discussion might include boat design, suitability, condition, price, legal and insurance matters, finance options, repair and refit.  Perfect for inexperienced owners, buying overseas, unfamiliar boat types or especially high-value craft.

Boat Familiarization

New Owner Services

Aboard your newly purchased boat, closely examine all aspects of the survey report including vessel construction, machinery, systems and equipment.  A short trip to sea for practical illustration is usually undertaken, on-board explanation enhances understanding.

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Essentials Survey

Boat Condition Survey

An economically priced survey that covers just the basics of construction, the mounting of heavy machinery and the principal deck fittings such as rig attachment points, windlass and mooring cleats.  It is ideal for lower value craft or for boats known to need extensive refit or repair.

Sea Trials

Boat Performance

Booked separately or as part of a survey, a sea trial is the best way to test a boat and her systems under working load.  General hull integrity can be checked, steering and engine performance can be verified, sails can be hoisted and sheeted-in and all water-cooled machinery can be tested. 

Expert Advice

Independent Opinion

Independent and expert advice from an experienced surveyor and marine industry professional.  Wide-ranging knowledge of all boat related matters including design, engines, refrigeration, steering, electrics, rigging, trim, operation and usage.  Specification, purchase, repair and refit.

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New Boat Acceptance

Boat Condition Survey

A service designed for new boat buyers consisting of a full structural survey and meticulous examination and testing of every system, fitting and fixture.  Close liaison with the boat builder to ensure exact conformity to specification, snagging, reworks and reinspection.

Boat Valuation

Money and Finance

A professional independent opinion of your boat's open market value, assessed by an experienced surveyor.  Be confident that you're not paying too much or selling for too little.  If you are an owner, a revaluation might also be needed for insurance, finance, legal or contractual purposes.

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